Major Rehab & Repositioning

ACS Partners excels at projects that are complex and challenging ventures. They involve the performance of skilled workmanship from diverse backgrounds and the interaction and coordination of various entities to meet strict deadlines in an effort to raise the value of the asset.

Environmental Relief

Our number one goal is to get residents back into their homes as quickly as possible. These projects are usually caused by unpredictable events such as fires, hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes. ACS Partners prides itself on being the one call/immediate response solution, reacting to our clients’ needs in extremely vulnerable circumstances.

Exterior Painting

ACS Partners is known for our superior performance, use of the most innovative products with the best application methods and ability to prep, prime, and paint multiple buildings within a short timeframe all while keeping the property clean and orderly. A full menu of carpentry repair items as well as unit pricing accompanies each estimate in order to limit change orders and maximize cost efficiency.

Interior Rehab

ACS Partners offers a full range of interior renovation services. Whether the project is replacing electrical and lighting fixtures or full interior upgrades consisting of flooring, cabinetry & countertops, trim and molding, appliances, doors, hardware, painting and reconfiguration of existing floor plans, we take pride in our goal to complete each turn in the quickest amount of time possible while upholding the highest quality standards.

Window and Door Replacement

These projects are usually performed and completed with minimal impact to tenants and residents. Upgrading windows and doors adds extreme value when repositioning an asset and ACS Partners’ specialists utilize the utmost care in handling, installing and delivering the finished product to our clients.

Siding Replacement

ACS Partners’ siding specialists are trained and approved according to the latest, most innovative installation methods, techniques and industry standards to maximize the value of your asset whether your project calls for Cement fiberboard, Vinyl, Metal or Wood siding replacement.

Roof Replacement

ACS Partners’ employs a team approach to roof replacement which allows us to maximize production and provide our clients with high quality projects at a competitive price. Our tear-down team removes all existing roof materials followed by our dry-up team that performs any structural and sheathing repairs, installs felt paper and accessories. The roofing team provides the finishing touches by installing the new roof.

Gutter Systems

ACS Partners’ offers a full line of gutter installation services from full gutter and downspout replacement to new installation of gutters, gutter guards, downspouts, splash blocks, drainage systems and more.

Railing Systems

ACS Partners knows how much new railing systems, fencing, and deck systems can improve the image and value of any project. We strive to deliver a nearly maintenance free assortment of products ranging from PVC, Aluminum and Steel that meet and exceed expectations of appearance and quality to our clients.

Asphalt and Concrete

ACS Partners’ offers a wide array of hardscape solutions and design services including asphalt patching and repairs, asphalt overlay, seal coating and striping of parking lots, concrete installation, removal and replacement of sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

Amenity Upgrades

ACS Partners’ understands that it is all about the details when upgrading your clubhouse, fitness centers and existing common areas into state-of-the-art facilities or designing/creating new communal areas for your tenants and residents to utilize. During a time where many of our clients are offering the best approaches in technology and building design, we play a key role in understanding and listening to the details of our client’s vision in order to deliver significant overall value to the property.