Century Hills Apartments, Rocky Hills, CT

Most of our jobs consist of large scale renovations. At times, we have to scale back to help our clients when they need smaller jobs completed. For this project, we have started setting posts for a new entry sign. As you can see, it will be a late sign, covering a significant amount of space. Notice that all of our employees always wear an easy to identify, Red ACS T-Shirt.

We will keep you posted as this project comes to completion……




Sheraton Hotel, Nashville, TN.

This is one of those unusual jobs for us because most of our business comes from the Multi-Family industry.

The Sheraton Hotel in Nashville, TN. is owned by a client that we work with across the Nation. Most of their work comes from apartments/ multi-family projects. This one, in particular, is a hotel that they recently purchased and needed to start work on the parking deck immediately.

Our main initiative was to work closely with the Engineer for approval and sign off as safe and aesthetically acceptable. The scope of work includes multiple concrete repairs and patches on the floors, ceilings and posts. The post tension cables at the transitions between floors also needed repair. The top floor needed a complete overhaul and re-stripe. Most of the work was on the top floor, but it was the easiest floor to correct due to the least amount of traffic. Although the Engineer was watching every step of the repair process, he was easy to work with and appreciated our attention to details.

As you can imagine, coordinating with the hotel when conferences were in town, the valet team and general parking traffic, it was challenging at times to keep all parties happy. With strong project management (thank you James M.) and a solid crew, we were able to cruise right through this project and make this project a success!

Lindell Towers, St. louis, MO.

This job, by far, was one of the more challenging project that ACS Partners, LLC. worked on as a company. These towers are 17 stories high and extremely steep. With St. Louis’ unpredictable weather pattern, it made for a very dangerous installation.

We were hired to remove all of the clay tiles and reinstall with like material. There were deteriorated nailing strips that also had to be removed and replace while we were up there. We worked closely with the Management Company and Owner’s Representative throughout the project.

Oddly enough, while we were there, the temperatures fell way below freezing which caused several water pipes to burst. We worked with the insurance company and insurance adjuster to develop a scope of work to extract the water, demo the damage and rebuild,

Thank you to all who were involved for a great job well done!